Big Data, IoT, & Cloud: Game Changers in the Oil & Gas Industry – TiEcon 2015


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Tech in Oil & Gas
May 16, 10:15 am
Issam Dairanieh (Managing Director, BP Ventures)
Kemal Farid (Founder and CEO, Farid Ventures)
Neal Dikeman (Senior Venture Principal, Shell Technology Ventures)
Ricardo Angel (Managing Director, GE Ventures)
Shantanu Agarwal (Partner, Energy Ventures)


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  1. Oil Companies and its people are mostly baby boomers and are not really smart enough to think ahead into advanced operations to change the ways we work implementing digital or other advanced technologies that we can always copy from other industries..We are now waiting for the younger generations to take over and see if they can do any better… the next few years we have more challenges due to demand, supply and other geopolitics and many many other factors of new energy sources and so on.. all volatile and fragile future — learn to live in the next 10 years…

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