Photoshop Pen Tool Tutorial – Pen Tool – How To Photoshop CS5-CS6-CC Tutorials For Beginners Pt. 1


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  1. amazing tutorial i have learned now how to use the pen tool without seeing for tutorial everytime wen i use the pen tool its very difficult for me to use the pen tool thank you so so so much

  2. thank you for your video, I would like to know if after you create a
    path and closed it, can you duplicate the same as many times more if I
    need it? I want to do the petals of a flower all the same. tha nk you

  3. I do not know if I forgot how long it took me to learn "curves" in other programs like vector graphics (Inscape), paint programs, 2 d and 3d (blender my favorite) programs but I think Photoshop has complicated the simple. Here is how you do it. Use another program and export your svg and make your selection form that. Thats my tutorial.
    Thanks for the tut.

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